Establishing a Top Business School focused on the Mediterranean economy in Southern Italy is an ambitious project that has direct and indirect positive impacts on different levels of stakeholders.



Students will benefit from a high quality education and qualification which will empower them to deal with Mediterranean countries specificities; furthermore, they will enrich their network coming in contact with professionals and companies operating in the Mediterranean area.


Companies will gain new and better relations with their Mediterranean business partners, a privileged access to graduates recruitment and access to a top tier education for their executives.



Ortygia Business School will operate following international standards. The school will recruit employees within the local workforce giving them the opportunity to develop new skills and to professionally growth in an international work context.


The school will use, in part, local providers requiring them high standards of supply. Thus, suppliers will benefit from the business development resulting from the collaboration with the School.


Local Business Activities

The school will be established in a geographical area very attractive for tourists. Nevertheless, the tourist flow is seasonal and local business activities suffer a high demand variability. The School will attract an incremental flow of potential clients out of holyday seasons.

Local Community

Ortygia Business School will take over the renovation of the historical building (Palazzo Impellizzeri) that local authorities in Syracuse have dedicated for the campus. The building will be made available to the public. Furthermore, the local community will benefit from an international contamination.

Public Institutions

Syracuse and Ortygia will benefit from the visibility due to the presence of an international institution with consequent positive externalities in the territory. The Municipality of Syracuse will obtain the necessary resources to renovate an historical palace otherwise not fully exploitable.


Mediterranean Countries

The long run vision of Ortygia Business School is that of contributing to the economic development of the Mediterranean countries. The presence of an international center of education and knowledge addressed to the Mediterranean region is a big opportunity of meeting and dialogue between cultures. The hope is that Ortygia Business School students, once came back in their country, will build better businesses thanks to an education tailored on Mediterranean economic contest specificities and a to a deeper knowledge of neighbor countries political, economic and cultural context.